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Very Special Events by The HIP Team



Where the Rainbow Hides:

A Homestead Act

Make a movie with us.

Hampton Soul Festival Workshop

We are a Georgia 501c3 Organization or creative professionals, Interns, Students, and teachers serving the community with art and wellness initiatives. Among our many talents is the creating of fundraising merchandise. We can customize just about anything. Please check out the "Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection" by Jessica Holter. Let us know if we can make something for you.

Online Exhibition

The Coffy Pop Shop for Fashion & Fundraising

We create curriculums for Young Adult College Graduates and offer workforce development programs that serve the special needs of People who have aged out of foster care. under the direction of Producer and band Leader, D'Wayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Tone'!, we offer Quick HIp Internships in industry-standard live music event production. 

As Artist-in-Resident for the famed guitarist, we proudly

celebrate the Tony! Toni! Tone'! Reunion tour with

D'Wayne Wiggins's "Last Band Standing"

Music Video Compilation, free to watch at CoffyTV.com