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The purpose of HOLTER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INCORPORATED is to create educational curricula, workforce skills development, and employment opportunities for underserved, socially, and economically challenged people.


Our outreach initiatives engage the community in the arts through professional-level live music, theater, film, and literary works.


We raise awareness of humanitarian causes while emphasizing the value of the arts.


Get away from the hustle and bustle to reconnect with your creative spirit at Electric Church where we serve as artist-in-resident to world renown producer & musician D'Wayne Wiggins


Holter Intellectual Property Incorporated delivers exceptional creative art and professional development services through a team of elders, young adults, and entertainment business professionals. Our curriculums blend wellness, artistic, and professional development elements with contemporary critical frameworks in cultural discourse, creating cohesive edutainment projects that positively impact underserved communities.



  • Support us with your order of cool merch created by artists from our underserved creative community.
  • To contribute art to the Coffy Pop Shop, email coffypop@hipinc.org.


Hampton Soul Festival Workshop

 The Hampton Soul Festival Workshop returns in 2024!


The Hampton Soul Festival Workshop is an outstanding music initiative that offers an immersive eight-week course in music skills development and professional, industry-standard live stage production to recent college graduates, college students, and young adults who have aged out of the foster care system. At the end of the workshop, the students co-create the Hampton Soul Fest, a live instrument-based showcase at the new East Hampton Community Park in front of a live audience of Hampton residents and supporters from all over Henry County.


To support our film and wellness programs, you can donate through Benevity.

Holter Intellectual Property Incorporated is the home of Voices of Foster Care, The Hampton Soul Festival Workshop, and The Coffy Talk Network. Join us on an incredible journey to enlightenment through film, music, books, and literary works created by our talented team of elders, students, and entertainment professionals. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and charity located in Atlanta, Georgia. Ask us about internships for college students, graduates, and foster care alumni who are seeking professional guidance in the entertainment field.


Make a Movie with Us

Holter Intellectual Property, Inc., a Georgia 501c3 organization, is seeking a Development Grant to prepare for the production of an eight-episode documentary film. “Where the Rainbow Hides: A Homestead Act,” the first installment of the Voices of Foster Care initiative. It is a colorful and musical coming-of-age experience that includes a wellness workshop and a hands-on production program for emancipated LGBT young adults who have aged out of the foster care system into homelessness. The film offers life-sustaining proficiency, creative workforce development and skills building, temporary room and board during production, and permanent housing and land-ownership opportunities to Student Participants who stay the course. For more information, please visit https://AHomesteadAct.com.

We are seeking orators and Public Speaking Instructors for Voices of Foster Care's Historical Oratorical. Inquire by email at info@hipinc.org.

Visit the Coffy Pop Shop for Fashion & Fundraising

We are a Georgia 501c3 Organization or creative professionals, Interns, Students, and teachers serving the community with art and wellness initiatives. Among our many talents is the creating of fundraising merchandise. We can customize just about anything. Please check out the "Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection" by Jessica Holter. Let us know if we can make something for you.