About HIP



The purpose of HOLTER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INCORPORATED is to create educational curricula, workforce skills development, and employment opportunities for underserved, socially, and economically challenged people.


Our outreach initiatives engage the community in the arts through professional-level live music, theater, film, and literary works.


We raise awareness of humanitarian causes while emphasizing the value of the arts.


Also known as HIP Inc., Holter Intellectual Property Incorporated is the home of the Voices of Foster Care initiative, and the Coffy Talk community, creating soul-healing curriculums for social change, personal wellness, and artistic growth. We offer internships and gainful employment to creatives who are interested in documentary films, podcasts, publishing, audio recording, live music events, festivals, theater, visual art, and wellness retreats. We welcome you to join us in creating art that makes a difference to program participants and the community.


The HIP Team is passionate about delivering exceptional creative art and professional development services through our team of elders, young adults, and business and entertainment professionals. Our curriculums are thoughtfully designed to blend artistic and professional development elements with contemporary critical frameworks in cultural discourse, enabling us to create cohesive film, theater, public speaking, and theatrical edutainment projects that have a positive impact on the community.

To artists, we are a home base; the perfect place to come and recharge for the path ahead of you. We offer classes, mentorship, self-esteem-building projects, and on-the-job stage and oratory training. To producers and collectors of innovative art, we are a gold mine peppered with music, theater, visual art, lyrics, literature, and choreography. To supporters of community service we are a treasure chest of skills and on the ready public aid art, to keep your heart rich. 

Charitable Solicitation Disclosure



Charity Cars, Inc. publishes detailed financial summary information as a part of its annual reports, financial reports, and IRS 990 forms.


Georgia – The following information will be sent upon request: (A) A full and fair description of the charitable program for which the solicitation campaign is being carried out and, if different, a full and fair description of the programs and activities of the charitable organization on whose behalf the solicitation is being carried out; (B) A financial statement or summary which shall be consistent with the financial statement required to be filed with the Secretary of State pursuant to Code Section 43-17-5.

Holter Intellectual Property Incorporated

Rebuilding nations through positive vibrations.


About the HIP Logo

Created by Jessica Holter, The HIP Logo represents Film, Publishing, and Music, the three main components of our edutainment services. The feather, or quill, is a toast to our tribe, once many, now one. Through multimedia, we contribute to the new story of us as indigenous copper-colored American nations who have been misnomered as African Americans. 


We lean toward the positive narrative.


We strive for truth without prejudice. 


We are empowered by oneness.

The Hip Team Banner represents our team of elders, students, and professionals working in tandem on artistic initiatives, projects, and programs.